Syracuse Speaks-How Can We Improve Housing Stability In Syracuse?

May 30, 2019

Syracuse Speaks talk to community experts about housing stability in Syracuse.
Credit Jennifer Weeks-Oseda / WAER

Nearly a quarter of Syracuse residents move at least once a year, which is more than twice the national average. In some parts of the city, that number can rise to as high as 35%. All of this moving can cause physical and mental health issues. It can also erode a greater sense of commuity. 

The City of Syracuse has unveiled eleven initiatives to help allieviate some of this instability. In this episode of Syracuse Speaks, we talk to members of the community working on the issuse of housing stability. 

We are joined by Samantha Linnett from the City of Syracuse's Office of Innovation, Palmer Harvey with TNT Southside's Housing Task Force and a community researcher with Syracuse University's Maxwell School, and Sharon Sherman, Executive Director of the Greater Syracuse Tenants Network

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