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Talkback: Ep 09- Audible


With two months before the start of the preseason, Talkback examines the National Football League's unique advantage—time. Host Cooper Boardman talks with three NFL play-by-play broadcasters about the state of the league's return, what they miss most about the game and how they have helped their communities. 

Dan Hoard '85 is the radio voice of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati footballl/men's basketball. He talks with Marcus Gronauer about how his name ended up in an episode of The Simpsons, what he's done during the pandemic on social media and tells the story of the flaming comrex.

Andrew Siciliano '96 of the Red Zone Channel talks through what the NFL's return will look like, including what that means for the preseason. He also shares his favorite WAER memories, including a run-in with Marty Glickman '39.

Dave Pasch '94 works for ESPN, in addition to being the radio play-by-play announcer for the Arizona Cardinals. Pasch chats with Corey Spector about calling SU alums in the NFL and his return to Syracuse, as well as the importance of giving back to the people who need it most.