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The Loud House

Syracuse fans in the JMA Wireless Dome Bleachers
SU fans pack the JMA Wireless Dome in SU's Game Against Wagner

Noise is something you come to expect when your home stadium is nicknamed “The Loud House”. So, it comes as little surprise that most – if not all – of Syracuse football’s 2022 opponents have left the JMA Wireless Dome remarking about how loud the fans were.

That’s what makes it so hard to believe that New York COVID-19 laws forced every SU football game to be played behind closed doors just a couple years ago. The Orange’s 1-10 record in 2020 also made some of that noise a little quieter once fans were allowed back in the Dome last season.

But, anyone with a neighbor that likes to throw parties understands the lull in noise levels is often misleading. Up on the SU hill, the 2022 football season has been the second life of the party.

In week one, Louisville visited the Dome and got trounced by the Orange 31-7 in front of 37,100 fans. Thanks in a large part to deafening crowd noise, the Cardinals had three false start penalties. U of L offensive lineman Caleb Chandler said it was hard to hear anything on the field.

“We actually went to a silent count,” Chandler said. “It was hard to hear the clap. At one point… everyone ran the play but the offensive line. We didn’t even hear the call. So, it was very loud. Props to their fans for coming out and showing out tonight.”

Two weeks later, SU outlasted Purdue 32-29 with 35,493 fans in attendance. Even with plenty of open seats left in the Dome, Tom Dienhart – writer and editor for – said the noise level made it feel like that game was being played inside a drum.

“I’ve never been in a louder venue in my life. It wasn’t even close to being packed, either,” Dienhart said postgame. “It felt like there were about 100 thousand people in here. When they get some mojo going, the roof almost lifts off this place so you can see why it can be a difficult place to win.”

Suffice to say, the Dome has been loud this season. But, earlier this week Dino Babers explained he thinks the best has yet to come.

“Some of the new coaches were like ‘oh the Dome is so loud…’ And I was like, that’s not loud,” Babers said. “If you’re having a conversation with me after the game and your voice is not gone, that’s not loud. Wait until you get 40-something in there.”

A crowd of just under 50-thousand is expected for #18 Syracuse’s matchup with #15 NC State.