Dana Alexander Sulit

Assistant Marketing Director

I joined the WAER team during my freshman year at Syracuse University, largely unsure of what I planned to study. Since then, working with the station has allowed me to understand with more confidence and clarity what I wish to do with the rest of my life. It has been my pleasure to complete creative projects alongside a team as inspired as the WAER staff. On the way, I have, oddly enough, found a genuine passion for design. Thanks to my continuing work at WAER, I intend to complete a degree in Graphic Design and Information Management & Technology. I am very grateful that WAER has afforded me the exciting opportunity to explore these disciplines in a professional environment. My schoolwork and my work with WAER keep me busy, but I do find time for other activities on campus. In particular, I am always looking for opportunities to design for student organizations and publications. I am also an amateur guitarist and music lover; working at a radio station never gets old. As a sophomore at Syracuse University, I am excited for my future on this campus, and hope that WAER continues to be a part of it. 

Ways to Connect

On April 25th at 6:30 p.m., WAER will present the annual Jazz and Wine fundraiser in partnership with the Community Folk Art Center. This year's event will feature the talented bassist and vocalist, Mimi Jones. Jones played in Syracuse last year as part of Tia Fuller's ensemble at WAER's Jazz Appreciation Month concert last year. This time around, Jones is showcasing her unique individual talents as a performer and composer.



Every year, April represents a month of awareness and appreciation. It is Autism Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Public Radio Music Month, just to name a few. While in the midst of all the events and observances taking place during this busy time of year, be sure to embrace one annual celebration that is centered around slowing down and letting loose: the observance of Jazz Appreciation Month.


On Friday, February 28th, The Don Byron New Gospel Quintet with featured vocalist Carla Cook will perform at Onondaga Communtiy College as a part of the continuing Legends of Jazz concert series.

Don Byron has gained much individual attention for his mastery of the clarinet. He released his first album in 1992. Since then, Byron has been exploring and executing musical styles and themes— everything from hip-hop to classical. The Don Byron New Gospel Quintet, which was formed in 2009, evolved from Byron's study of Gospel music from a cultural and personal perspective.

The Legends of Jazz concert series is bringing Grammy-nominated singer Gregory Porter to Onondaga Community College this Friday. Porter is currently touring in support of his latest album “Liquid Spirit.”

Paulo Borgia

Dianne Reeves, the acclaimed American singer and songwriter, is one of the most prominent forces in modern jazz. Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Denver, Colorado, Reeves has been surrounded by music her entire life. Her musical career has included an exploration of traditional jazz, Latin-American music, world music, and more. She has produced an influential discography 19 records deep, the latest studio album being "When You Know", released in 2008.