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Syracuse wants to help people better recognize housing violations

The city of Syracuse is working to address the 1,500 properties on its code violations list.

Officials previously funneled federal relief dollars to help landlords correct potentially harmful problems, and the city’s code enforcement team on Tuesday walked community members through a home with examples of violations.

Syracuse's director of code enforcement, Jake Dishaw said both tenant and property owner should pay attention to needed maintenance, especially in key areas.

The big ones are fire safety, carbon monoxide safety. But a big focus now is on lead, and lead paint services and different services that do create elevated blood lead levels in our children throughout the city,” Dishaw said.

Dishaw said any chipped or cracked paint is a violation. Landlords could apply for grants to help cover the cost of fixing problems.

Tarryn Mento is an award-winning digital, audio and video journalist with experience reporting from Arizona, Southern California, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Tarryn produces in-depth and investigative content for WAER while overseeing the station's student reporter experience. She is also an adjunct professor at Syracuse University.
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