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SUNY Oswego's transition to a university may attract more students

A brick building is positioned next to an empty parking lot
Alexis Clifton
Park Hall sits close to the edge of SUNY Oswego's campus.

After changing its classification from being a college, SUNY Oswego is now officially a university.

The New York Board of Regents officially approved the change this week. A university offers more robust graduate programs that can help expand its research opportunities.

American Association of University Professors New York chapter President Mary Rose Kubal said the change could help draw more students to the school, especially after the state's higher education institutions saw a drop in enrollment.

"This is one strategy; there's no magic bullet," Kubal said. "But certainly, moving from a college to a university will give an administration some tools to try and maintain their levels of enrollment or even grow them."

Oswego isn't the first Central New York College to make this change. Utica College became Utica University in February of last year. But other institutions in the area have been unable to adjust. Cazenovia College just announced its closing last month after nearly two centuries of operation.