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Pop Life: Hope Rides Again


Imagine former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama on an action-packed ride across Chicago where they encounter a range of enigmatic characters from burlesque dancers to Russian masseurs to Oprah Winfrey.  It is the focus and plot of a new book by New York Times Best Selling author, Andrew Shaffer.  Hope Rides Again is the second book in a series of fictional stories about Joe Biden and Barack Obama as a dynamic crime-fighting duo.  In Hope Rides Again, the two team up to solve the mystery of Obama’s missing Blackberry, and the death of the thief that stole it.  Together, they uncover a deep conspiracy that threatens to derail their lives if they are not careful.

On this episode of Pop Life, Joe Lee discusses the book and the inspiration for writing the Obama, Biden mystery series with New York Times Best Selling author, Andrew Shaffer.  It’s just in time for summer reading consideration.

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Music provided by Dee Yan-Key/ Licensed Under CC BY 4.0