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SCSD Weighs Options Following State Guidance On Reopening Schools

Bart Everson

Schools out for the summer but, when and how will it return?  The State Education Department released a framework this week to provide districts with some guidance to work from.  They are weighing all virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid options.  

Syracuse City School District Board of Education President Katie Sojewicz says the debate extends beyond the classroom.

“The Syracuse City School District is also looking at some of the areas of need such as devices, internet access, transportation, food,” said Sojewcz. “A huge focus is the support services because there’s a lot mentally and socially that our students are going to be dealing with regardless of what school looks like.”

Sojewicz has been an educator for about 25 years, and is also a mother.  She says after experiencing virtual learning from both perspectives, a return to in-person classes has to be well calculated.

“It’s not going to be the very best thing for students. We need our students to be safe,” said Sojewicz. “That might mean we’re not having everyone every day, or we’re doing something virtually, or there isn’t as many if any fall sports. That’s frustrating to families, especially working families like myself.”

Sojewicz also acknowledged that not all households have the devices or the internet to keep up with the curriculum from home.  On the other hand, a socially-distanced school year is expected to place a large financial burden on the district, which is already facing a deficit.

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