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COVID-19 Update: County Testing Average Exceeds State Mandate, Business Guidance Still Unclear

Onondaga County Executive's Office

  Onondaga County is now doing universal COVID-19 testing at the Syracuse Community Health Center, proactive testing in senior living facilities, and soon mobile testing in certain neighborhoods. The number of tests done in the county Tuesday alone topped 2,000.


County Executive Ryan McMahon said they have done a lot of work to get their testing averages to the state’s required level for reopening, and he believes they’ve reached the goal.

“We have met our goal. We have met our mandate. We have proactive testing and nursing home testing,” said McMahon. “Moving forward we will continue to meet the mandates. But if you just look at the numbers on the seven day average , we are 70 tests over what the minimum is now.” 

The region is still waiting for the state to update their data to reflect these testing numbers, but McMahon is confident the county businesses will be able to reopen at the end of the week. However, exactly which businesses can open and what they need to have to be in compliance is still uncertain. McMahon said he is expecting guidance from the state Thursday, but isn’t sure of the regulations himself. He did say that COVID-19 safety measures such as wearing masks and social distancing will be enforced through fines. 

“Once we understand what powers we have given to us by the state, we will be able to communicate if you do X or Y or Z,” said McMahon. “In most often cases, you’ll get a warning first. This is how these things can roll out. But again, I wish we had more information, but we just don’t yet.”

McMahon said he is confident local businesses will be flexible and safe as they begin to reopen. 



Onondaga County’s first mobile testing site will be set up at the old Nojaim’s Market on Gifford Street. Testing for the neighborhood’s residents will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m on Thursday and Friday. County Executive Ryan McMahon said the nearby Syracuse Housing Authority Complex will also be tested. It's recommended those who plan to get tested pre-register for an appointment time. You can register here.