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The Ostrom Avenue Podcast Episode 170: Previewing Syracuse's Trip to Chapel Hill with Brendan Marks. Plus, Fran Brown's Staff is Mostly Complete, and a Get-Right Week for Felisha Leggette-Jack's Squad

Ethan Frank, Jordan Leonard, and Hudson Ridley open the show by talking about Syracuse women's basketball's excellent first half of the season (1:15), then react to more hires on Fran Brown's staff becoming official (14:40). Plus, Ethan and Jordan are joined by Brendan Marks from The Athletic to talk about Syracuse's loss to Duke last week, early impressions of this season in the ACC, who could be in the running for a long run in March, and how SU matches up with North Carolina this weekend (18:00). Finally, the guys close the show previewing Wednesday's game against Boston College and diving into what the matchup means for Syracuse's hopes and expectations this season (49:00).