Aaron Neville "My True Story" Review

Jul 1, 2013

One way I rate music is - after I hear a song (or songs), do I wanna hear that song again. A few days ago, I checked Aaron Neville's recent CD, "My True Story", out of the Petit Library, and I'm on my 7th listen to the whole CD...  actually, I've lost count of how many times I've listened.  And on most all the songs, I'm singin' along... ha ha ha ... 

Aaron Neville "My True Story"
Credit aaronneville.com
This disc, co-produced by Keith Richards and Don Was, features Neville and an excellent group of back-up singers lovingly interpreting 13 of Neville's favorite oldies and doowop songs.  The foundation of the original songs is still there, but the flavoring and accents belong to Neville and his collaborators. There are several related videos on YouTube and elsewhere on-line, worth checkin' out, imho -  And, needless to say - the CD is well worth gettin' as well , imho -