Bhutanese Entrepreneur Invites Syracuse to Dinner and Dancing

Jun 19, 2015

A Syracuse refugee from Bhutan is hoping a dinner and celebration Saturday (June 20th) will serve as a stepping stone to his dream of fully establishing his restaurant. Hari Bangaley  arrived in Syracuse in 2008 after spending 20 years in a Bhutanese refugee camp.

Hari Bangaley Adhikari poses with freshly fried Puri and Jelabi, popular desserts in his native Bhutan.
Credit Ethan Backer / Northside UP/Centerstate CEO

"We want to introduce the Bhutanese food to the greater Syracuse area since it's so delicious.  People should get the chance to taste it."

Bangaley is one of more than 3,000 people from his country who have been resettled here.

"Syracuse is unique...maybe because there are people have hearts that love anyone in need.  That's why Syracuse received so many people.  It's a charming place, welcoming place.  I'm doing good, and my community folks are doing good, also."

But that’s not to say there haven’t been struggles.  That’s where Dan Cowen comes in.  He’s program manager of UP Start Syracuse, a business incubation collaborative led by CenterState CEO.

"Our program specifically targets those who have the highest barriers to starting businesses.  We work with a lot of people like Hari, people who have really incredible drive who maybe had businesses in their home country that now want to start them in the U.S. but need help getting through the legal regulations of those pieces, or need help with financing, or securing space."

Hari Bangaley serves up his treats at a CNY Community Foundation Bus Tour and Panel.
Credit Ethan Backer / Northside UP/Centerstate CEO

    The program also promotes diversity in Syracuse.  Bangaley says cultural integration is a keep component of connecting with the community.

"To my great people in Syracuse, let's at least see each other, see what each other has to share, and then go from there.  Come to my event, listen, find something common between us."

Saturday's event will be held at the Pastime Athletic Club on N. Salina St. at 5 P.M.  There will be authentic Bhutanese food as well as dancing.  Tickets available at