Child Poisoning and Vaping Illnesses Top Calls of Concern to Upstate Poison Control in 2019

Jan 7, 2020

Dangerous items to keep away to avoid poisoning.
Credit Upstate Poison Center

The Upstate Poison Control Center is providing a look at a wide-range of poisoning situations that certified specialists handled in 2019.  Some of the more concerning calls were attributed to the vaping crisis.  Michele Caliva, the Administrative Director  said their toxicologist and clinical director realized the illnesses reported were somehow related.

Not only are they instrutmental in identifying the situation and the problem and the crisis here but they actually develop guidelines that have gotten published. The guidlines are useful to help physicians, healthcare providers in emergency settings, in any clinical settings manage these vaping cases,”  said Caliva.

Thirty-five percent of the calls were specifically about children under 5, and the Poison Control Center handled 91 percent of them talking with parents at home, eliminating a trip to the ER.  Caliva said it’s important to keep medications or even things like lipstick and small button batteries out of reach.

"They get lodged in the child's esophagus or trachea, it  can really set them up for some serious problems. Toy parts, sometimes food products but also things like diaper rash ointment or hydrocortisone cream.” 

The Upstate Poison Control Center also took calls for adults 20 and older dealing with complications or questions about the overuse of pain relievers and sedatives to taking too much heart medication and alcohol.  In all, the center answered more than 52,000 calls last year.