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A Syracuse University Mechanical Engineering student will be competing Thursday evening in Washington, DC after inventing a device the helps people manage their diabetes.

"It's a wearable glucose monitoring watch."

Senior Russell Fearon is one of the top nine candidates, and the only college student,  in the American Heart Association’s Empowered to Serve business accelerator program.


Every day, Central New Yorkers with diabetes either have to inject insulin or have a pump to maintain their blood sugar levels.  This routine is typically seen as the final option in the treatment pathway for diabetes patients.  But what if they could take an insulin pill instead? 


Obesity will be the focus of an event this Saturday, May 27th , as the nation continues to struggle with its waistline and the numerous diseases made worse by weight.  One local practice helps point out how science is helping those who are motivated to drop some pounds – and get healthier.

So the bad news about the obesity epidemic is it’s not going anywhere – despite increasing attention on weight loss, healthy eating, wellness.  The good news is science is helping the medical community learn more about what to do.