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Upstate Medical University here in Syracuse is already getting hundreds of requests to be part of a study to find an effective coronavirus vaccine.  They started initial sign-ups Wednesday and they will continue in the weeks to come.

With so much focus on one health crisis, you might have missed important changes on another health front.  New laws are trying to keep people from nicotine addiction.

  Governor Andrew Cuomo visited an upstate nursing home and released new numbers on  the corona virus Sunday, as the total number of New Yorkers who have died from the virus reached  9,385.

Cuomo says the daily death toll, at 758, has not decreased significantly in several days, when the numbers have ranged from around 780 to a high of 799 for the previous four days.

“It has been flattening, but flattening at a terribly high level,” Cuomo said.

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Many people around Central New York spent their weekend trying to figure out what to do while remaining safe from any exposure to the Coronavirus. There’s value in finding activities that will boost our physical and mental health.  We start a series today looking at a few ways to preserve your body and mind, which can play a role in dealing with the threat of the virus.

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The number of cases of COVID 19 in Onondaga County jumped 35% as of Wednesday’s local update.  County leaders continue to emphasize staying isolated, while saying those told to stay in quarantine could face criminal charges should they ignore the order. 

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Syracuse University announced Tuesday it will cancel all classes on campus after this Friday over concerns of the coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease it can cause.  The decision would remain in effect at least until March 30th.

New York Government and Health officials are trying to quell any fears people have now that there is a confirmed case of Corona Virus in the state.  The state continues to issue advice and updates on COVID-19 in New York. 

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The NAACP of Syracuse and Onondaga County shared their focal points for 2020 that include voting, health and education improvements, and justice in the community.  Chapter President Linda Brown-Robinson hopes to bring the community together to improve the economy of the city of Syracuse.  

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The dangers E-cigarettes pose to young people are not fully known.  But deaths and hospital visits due to vaping are raising concerns among parents and health experts, even as e-cigarette usage grows among younger and younger children.  Now a health program at Cornell University has new way to open the eyes of youth to the potential dangers.

Increased Vape Use May Lead to Rise in Insurance Premiums

Jan 14, 2020
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New York enjoyed some good news recently around health and smoking. But other statistics show both health and economic problems coming from a different trend.