New York Stops Distribution of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine After Health Risks

Apr 13, 2021
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Use of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine is on pause in New York State. The FDA and CDC Tuesday morning recommended suspending usage of the vaccine after 6 women developed severe blood clots following inoculation. Appointments for the shot were cancelled at the state’s vaccination clinics, like the one at the New York State Fairgrounds.


Syracuse’s lead-poisoning crisis has been a focal point for non-profit organizations across the city, as they try to protect children from the serious health effects.  Many groups have played a crucial role in providing aid to Syracuse families, who face severe health impacts. They have also been pushing for a city-wide response to this ongoing public health crisis.

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In response to new federal guidelines for lung cancer detection, Hematology/Oncology Associates of Central New will offer free lung cancer screenings next month. The guideline change lowers the recommended age to get a test 50 years old, as well as decreases the amount someone has smoked to the equivalent of a pack-a-day for 20 years. Syracuse

Central New York was hit hard during the second wave of the Coronavirus, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Syracuse was no different. Director of the Medical Center Dr. Frank Pearson says despite the expected challenges, the hospital was able to successfully weather the storm.

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Syracuse has one of the worst lead poisoning crises in the nation.  One in 10 children have elevated blood lead levels, and this rate jumps to a staggering one-in-five in some of the lowest income neighborhoods,  according to Onondaga County Health Department data.

Onondaga County officials shared some promising signs in COVID testing and vaccinations in a briefing Monday.  The area marks the one year anniversary of the first local case, and living through the global pandemic.

County Executive Ryan McMahon says the positive COVID testing rate is at 0.7% for the past week and has remained below 1.0-percent for more than a month. 

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In New York State, like in most of the nation, the COVID-19 vaccination roll out is behind schedule, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening to withhold new  doses from hospitals that do not speed things up.

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As many as 60,000 New Yorkers might stop smoking if cigarette taxes were raised a dollar a pack. That’s exactly what the American Heart Association is calling for.


Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is one of seven mayors voluntarily quarantining at home for 14 days "out of an abundance of caution" after potential exposure to COVID-19 at a Wednesday press conference.  Binghamton Mayor Rich David fell ill a couple hours later, went to the hospital, and tested positive. Walsh characterizes his contact as minimal, and is leaving it to county health department officials to determine who else might be told to quarantine.

CNY Doctor Concerned about Decline in Prostate Cancer Screenings Due to COVID-19

Sep 29, 2020
Courtesy American Cancer Society

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and a Syracuse urologist is worried there could be an uptick in patients with prostate cancer because men, or their doctors, are putting off regular screenings.  Under normal circumstances, prostate cancer can sometimes get missed if symptoms are not noticed.