Syracuse Protesters Gather to Speak Out Against Trump's 'Fake Emergency'

Feb 18, 2019
Scott Willis/WAER News

About 100 protesters used the occasion of President’s Day to gather in front of the federal building in Syracuse to speak out against the sitting President.

A Syracuse University researcher is trying to take the politics and emotions out of illegal immigration and border security, even with the president's address to the nation Tuesday evening. 

John Smith / WAER News

A group of local activists gathered outside the Federal building on this Christmas Eve to voice their displeasure about President Trump’s proposed border wall and the partial government shutdown.  Members of the CNY Solidarity Coalition and the Syracuse Peace Council want their elected Senators and Congress-members to know where they stand. 

The group held signs.  One read, “Money for jobs and education; NOT for the wall and deportation."  The CNY Solidarity Coalition’s Peter McCarthy hopes their messages will be heard and taken to Washington.

Syracuse Resident Camps Out at Southern Border to Assist Asylum Seekers

Nov 30, 2018
Provided photo / Sheila Sicilia

A Syracuse woman has traveled more than 2,700 miles to the southern border near Tijuana to support the Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States.  The Trump administration is sending 15,000 troops to the border in an effort to stop the so-called “caravan” from entering the US.  WAER News caught up with Sheila Sicilia via a shaky phone line, and she says the migrants are fleeing dictators and violence that have been perpetuated by decades of flawed US policy. 

Chris Bolt/WAER News

Many Central New Yorkers were directly affected by the Supreme Court ruling on the travel ban.  Recent refugees and immigrants, as well as local residents, were impacted emotionally and in concrete ways if they were hoping to be reunited with family members from other countries.  Local Islamic groups had a response some might find surprising.

In response to last week’s Supreme Court decision on the travel ban, Central New York Islamic Groups had a different reaction than just coming out in opposition.  And that came from the communities’ response to them.

John Smith / WAER News

An administrative Law Professor at Syracuse University feels the future of how to handle the crisis of breaking-up immigrant families entering the US remains uncertain.  David Dreisen said President Trump’s Executive Order to reverse his policy does not state if previous families will be unified or if there is a plan to accomplish that. 

He said the real truth is that immigrants come to America because they are fleeing persecution and poverty. They’re seeking refuge. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick / WAER News

Over 300 protesters met outside of the Embassy Suites near Destiny USA Tuesday to decry the arrival of Vice President Mike Pence.  He stopped in Syracuse  for a $1,000 per plate fundraiser for the reelection campaign of Republican Congressman John Katko.

Tom Drumm is a protest organizer and member of Speak Out CNY.   He says the protestors represented an array of organizations and causes, but all feel that Katko and his colleagues need to do more to rein in the Trump administration.

John Smith/WAER News

Congress Member John Katko would like to see the President and Congress stop the policy of separating children from families trying to enter the US at its borders, he said in a release Monday.  He said he supports border security, as long as it's done, 

" a humane way that preserves family unity and keeps young children safe," he added.

John Smith/WAER News

Protestors across the nation and here in Syracuse are calling on Congress to end the separation of children from parents among people at the border and other immigrants. 

Robin Best of Manlius took part in today’s March and rally.  She believes the policy for those trying to gain asylum in the United States will have long-term effects.

John Smith/WAER News

Getting a disease because of occupational hazards or even killed on the job happens more often than you may think.  A Workers Memorial Day gathering was held on Friday to remember Upstate workers who died because of either scenario was held in Liverpool.  Advocates are working to provide support to affected workers and immigrants.  Worker Justice Center of N.Y. Senior Advocate Carly Fox from Rochester advocates for health, safety, and compensation issues for migrant farm workers.  She says farmers have made some improvements but immigrants need their help to negotiate.