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 Onondaga County’s Election Commissioners say they were thrilled to be caught off guard yesterday when droves of people turned up for a third day of early voting. Republican Election Commissioner Michelle Sardo jokes how this year’s turnout is already unlike any other.


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The start of early voting across New York Saturday was met with great enthusiasm, judging by the participation at some of the six polling sites in Onondaga County.  People reported waiting in lines to vote anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours or more. 

Lines at the Southwest Community Center wound through several blocks by mid-morning.  People waited mostly patiently in line before going into the center to vote.  Veteran Mick Dunmore was among the morning wave of voters and wanted to register his vote based on certain issues.

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Early voting begins in New York on Saturday, October 24, and continues through Sunday November 1, two days before Election Day.

The number of polling places vary from county to county, but each county is required to have at least one early voting polling site. In larger counties with multiple sites, one has to be in the largest urban area.

Susan Lerner, with the government reform group Common Cause, has been closely monitoring the early voting procedures.

Women Join Dana Balter in Condemning John Katko's Campaign Ads

Oct 21, 2020

Twenty-fourth district Democratic Congressional Candidate Dana Balter is accusing incumbent John Katko of crossing a line with negative and misleading campaign ads.   

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Early voting starts Saturday in Onondaga County, but the six locations across 800 square miles could post challenges for those who don’t have transportation and still want to avoid potentially long lines on election day. 

Six Early Voting Locations Open to Onondaga County Voters Starting Saturday

Oct 20, 2020
Courtesy OnVote.net

Onondaga County voters will be able to head to the polls at six locations starting this Saturday as early voting gets underway.  This option for casting a ballot continues for nine days, through two weekends before election day. 

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Governor Cuomo’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is figuring heavily into the race for the 128th assembly district, with both candidates leveling varying amounts of criticism for different reasons.  The district includes the southern and eastern portions of Syracuse, as well as Dewitt, Onondaga, Salina, and the Onondaga Nation.  WAER News caught up with incumbent Democrat Pam Hunter and Republican challenger Stephanie Jackson.