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City Limits

City Limits started as a special year-long audio reporting project that examined the living and socio-economic conditions behind the rising poverty rates in Syracuse, NY.  There are over 40 stories and conversations here to explore that focus on the many aspects and impacts of poverty on our community.  From transportation and mobility to food insecurity and education, City Limits features the voices of the people who are on the frontline of the war on poverty.

Following City Limits, a Poverty Project; the next installment, City Limits: Winds of Change explored unconscious bias, police reform and what is being done to combat racism in Syracuse. City Limits features the voices of the people who are working to hold organizations accountable for change. Taking a broader approach, City Limits strives to bring shared community issues, concerns, and impacts into greater focus by taking the necessary time to fully explore topics for deeper understanding.

As City Limits continues it will aim to tell the stories of our region through the use of community voices and those seeking to make an impact.

If you like what you hear find more content from the project at . 

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