Democratic primary

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Democratic congressional candidate Dana Balter officially launched the petitioning process to get her on the ballot Saturday morning. Balter ran against Rep. John Katko in 2018, but lost in the general election.

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Two Central New York political science professors say the Democratic primary is now a two-candidate race following the results from Super Tuesday.  Shana Gadarian from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and Jonathan Parent from LeMoyne College spoke to Scott Willis in the studio as part of WAER’s 2020 Focus on Elections.  Biden enjoyed a surge of support, but Gadarian says it’s still early to declare an official frontrunner.


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Fourteen states will hold Democratic primaries on 'Super Tuesday', as candidates compete for the party nomination.  1,357 delegates are at stake, totally around one- third of all delegates. 

WAER and NPR have you covered with extensive digital coverage of Super Tuesday. The live blog below will have the latest from around the country as the votes are tabulated on this historic day.


Bloomberg for President? How Much Catching-up Does He Have to Do?

Nov 25, 2019

A SUNY Cortland Political Science professor sees Michael Bloomberg’s quest for the Democratic presidential nomination as a long shot.  Bob Spitzer says the former New York City Mayor faces an uphill battle because of his late entry into the race, and a strategy to skip the early primaries. 

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Many are wondering just how many registered Democrats will actually go to the polls today to select the party's nominee for Governor, State Attorney General and for races closer to Central New York.  Thanks to recent intiatives, the turnout numbers could be higher than in the past.  Volunteers of two organizations have been giving millennials a nudge by sending out 200,000 texts asking if they can count on them to vote.  Common Cause of New York Executive Director Susan Lerner says although there’s a strong surge of interest and activism, people must actually vote.  She says the importance

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  There are three weeks until primary day in New York, and the Democratic underdog for governor, Cynthia Nixon, is laying out her plans for the final stretch of campaigning, saying there is a potential path to victory.



We’re just a few days away from the Democratic primary in the 24th Congressional District and candidates will be knocking on doors and making appearances. 

The designated Democratic candidate Dana Balter says Syracuse does not have enough well-paying jobs and wants more investments to fuel a green economy.

  Registered democrats will go to the polls Tuesday in the 24th congressional district to choose who they’d like to see replace incumbent republican John Katko.  In the first of our series on the upcoming primary, we hear what motivated political newcomers Steve Williams, Colleen Deacon, and Eric Kingson to run for congress.

  What will the future hold for the Democratic Party after the primary results Tuesday that secured the nomination for Hillary Clinton? Colgate University Political Science Professor Tim Byrnes says in the coming weeks Bernie Sanders will face facts that he’s not going to be the party’s nominee.