Downtown Syracuse

Chris Bolt/WAER News

Growth in the downtown Syracuse residential population and the number of new businesses continue to keep development officials optimistic about the city’s future.  The Downtown Committee held its annual meeting Thursday … and boasted of 20 new retail businesses in the past year. 

King & King Architects

A 90 year-old employer in the area is planning to officially make the move from a business park in Salina to Downtown Syracuse by next June.  Haylor, Freyer and Coon decided on the One Park Place Building at 300 South State Street.  The insurance company adds to the growing list of businesses investing into the city. 

Onondaga Historical Association

This week, the Onondaga Historical Association is capturing a bygone era in Downtown Syracuse with the opening of their newest exhibit, “Strolling Down Salina Street: 1940 to 1980."  Curator Bob Searing says the idea came from holiday pictures of Salina Street after World War II.

John Smith / WAER News

The hype of Black Friday deals routinely sends masses of shoppers to malls, but it's not the end of they're buying. The U.S. Small Business Administration says on the day after, 108 million consumers shopped locally during Small Business Saturday in 2017.  In fact, they say local shops and restaurants took in an estimated $12 billion last year.  

Chris Bolt / WAER News

Vera House unveiled a new initiative today designed to make Syracuse’s nightlife scene safer. The program entitled “Raise The Bar” works with establishments where alcohol is served to train staff on how to prevent sexual aggression and violence.

Calder Lee Stewart / WAER News

The Syracuse Downtown Farmers Market came to a close for another year Monday.  Change might have been the watchword for the day – due to the season and the changing nature of downtown.


Cameron Tirado/WAER News

The Syracuse Peace Council organized marchers to take to the streets of Downtown Syracuse on Monday in a local procession honoring the 73 year anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August, 1945.

TCG Player Unveils Plans for Innovative Headquarters in the Galleries Downtown

Jul 26, 2018
provided photo

TCG Player is expanding its downtown office in the Galleries of Syracuse this summer into a headquarters like you’ve never seen before.  The tech start-up will be renovating 44,000 square feet into an open floor, fantasy themed space complete with an enormous dragon hanging overhead with a two-story slide for a tail.

Chris Bolt/WAER News

The latest Downtown Living Tour showed people are still intrigued by apartment life in Syracuse.  This weekend’s was the 12th annual event put on by the Downtown Committee,  and showcased 9 places that could be your next residence.  WAER’s Chris Bolt went along for the tour.

Welcome to The 315

Mar 7, 2018

The 315 is a brand new WAER original podcast hosted by Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss. The purpose of The 315 is to foster a positive view of the region by highlighting local individuals, businesses, and organization that are bringing life to the Syracuse area. 

On the first episode we get a guided tour of the new Redhouse Arts Center and talk about what this new space means for downtown Syracuse and the arts community.

Visit The 315 Facebook Page for a visual tour of the new Redhouse Arts Center.