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A new recycling center in Syracuse is partnering with utility providers like NYSEG, RG & E, and National Grid to make it easier to get rid of old refrigerators and freezers. ARCA Recyling’s new facility will service much of the Upstate New York area.


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Some help, and some advice, to people who might be having trouble paying their heating bills this winter.  Natural Gas Company Dominion Energy Tuesday donated $10,000 to help out. 

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With winter fast approaching, central New Yorkers will be happy to hear that they’ll likely pay less for energy costs compared to last year.   National Grid Central New York Director Alberto Bianchetti says natural gas supply costs are trending more favorably for customers.

"Assuming a typical winter, supply charges for the upcoming winter heating season are estimated to be about 13.7 percent lower compared to what customers saw last year.”                   

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About 30 students from Syracuse’s Institute of Technology got a taste Wednesday of what can go wrong when a squirrel gets caught up in power lines. wasn't a real squirrel, but the look-alike did cause a component to blow, startling the students and other observers.

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Syracuse Common Councilors could decide as early as next week whether to borrow 38 million dollars to purchase more than 17,000 street lights from National Grid and convert them to LED.

Central New  Yorkers have chance to weigh in Monday on a significant rate hike being proposed by National Grid.  If the utility’s plan is approved as is, typical gas and electric customers could be on the hook for an extra $18 a month.

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If the cooler nights don’t already have Central New Yorkers thinking ahead about cold weather, National Grid released its pricing forecast for the Winter Heating Season today in Liverpool.  An average homeowner’s natural gas bills for heating should be around $455.00.  Regional Executive Melanie Littlejohn says that’s about $12.00 cheaper than a typical winter season.

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Every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged somewhere in the United States.  August 11 is National 811 Dig Safely Day (get it? 8/11?). National Grid Damage Prevention Supervisor Annette Wisniewski said it’s important to identify underground utilities before doing any digging in the yard to ensure safety and prevent damage.

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  One of the annual rites-of-passage every spring is the release of the Syracuse M-and-T Jazzfest Lineup.  This year’s announcement has plenty of story lines...the music, the local gathering of talent, and some national recognition for the founder.

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  A coalition of Syracuse groups is urging residents to turn out at a public service commission hearing next week about utility shutoffs.  

51-year-old Patrick Dodrill of Syracuse has been without power since August.  He’s been looking for a job since April.   And, he's facing eviction.  He says public assistance just can’t cover rent and utilities. Dodrill lives alone, which makes him ineligible for utility assistance.