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Newhouse Impact

A collaborative podcast between WAER and The Newhouse School showcasing research and creative work of faculty and students.

Latest Episodes
  • Newhouse researchers are studying media literacy, including how people consume, create & use media for social justice. The CODE^SHIFT 'Collaboratory' studies data & equity issues around media.
  • New research by Newhouse School Advertising Professor Dr. Rebecca Ortiz sheds light on how teens are influenced by media when it comes to sexuality, expression and behavior, as well as other health issues.
  • Dr. Charisse L'Pree and Prof. Luvell Anderson discuss how they break down comedy and satire to examine serious issues. Their work uses humor to inform about race, disability issues, the wealth gap and other topics, while giving teachers tools to use to effectively bring humor into the classroom.
  • Newhouse School grad student links loneliness due to pandemic, political divisions with health problems, suggests how findings could shape PR public health campaigns.
  • A Syracuse University researcher found social media led to change in how the Army responds to the public. The case study involved a missing female soldier's tragedy.
  • Syracuse University professors studying AI in media share surprising thoughts about threats & benefits of the technology. Tools on the way can also help seek the truth.
  • Syracuse University students work with World War II found on documentaries of untold personal stories from the great war. They get invaluable real-world experience.
  • Newhouse Associate Dean Regina Lutrell and Research Assistant Carrie Welch examine the outsized marketing of the Barbie Movie. The success could shape future marketing efforts.
  • On this episode of Newhouse Impact, Kevin Kloss chats with Adam Peruta - Director of Advanced Media Management (NMM) and Associate Professor in Magazine, News and Digital Journalism and Michael Mulford - a recent graduate of the Advanced Media Management program. The three discuss the growth of the program, its relevance in 2023, and some of its unique offerings for prospective students.
  • On this episode of Newhouse Impact, Kevin Kloss chats with Syracuse University Doctoral Students Kandice Green and Raiana de Carvalho about disrupting racial stereotypes through popular media. Kandice and Raiana recently completed a study, 'Complex Identities on Streaming TV: A Textual Analysis of Latinx Representation on Netflix's Gentefied', and stopped by the WAER studio to share some of what they learned. The three discuss, what Gentefied'got in LatinX representation, how it compares to other popular media, and what this signals for the future. Newhouse Impact, is a collaboration between the S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications and WAER. Find more about the department on their website.