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It may not carry the same name recognition associated with trees like Pine, Elm, or Maple, but the Ash Tree is quite popular among landscapers or simply those seeking shade. And while you might not be aware of it, they come in a number of shapes and sizes with a unique branch layout.

Dr. Marvin Druger will get to the root of what makes the Ash Tree special, this week on Science on the Radio.

Town of Clay Continues Support & Shift toward Green Energy

Oct 17, 2018
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The Town of Clay has already placed itself on the map for green energy initiatives by installing solar panel arrays.  Now the Town Hall will be a pit stop for those with Electric Vehicles.  The town cut the ribbon Wednesday on a new dual-charging E-V station through a $150-thousand state grant that will also implement further green-energy initiatives in the town. 


Central New Yorkers have a chance this weekend to see up-close some of the latest changes to 90 acres of restored wetlands around Onondaga Lake. The free event put on by Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps aims to help restore the bond between the lake and the community. 

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Visitors to Green Lakes State Park are now able to see how the former boathouse has been transformed into an Environmental Educaiton Center, as part of millions of dollars poured into park renovations.  State and local officials were joined Friday by Salem Hyde school students to help cut the ribbon.

Lots of people have opinions about health of Onondaga Lake and recreation around it.  An update today from Onondaga County and Honeywell, hosted by FOCUS Greater Syracuse, shows that a number of projects addressing both concerns are moving right along. 

Lindsay Hadlock / Cornell University

Central New Yorkers have grown all too accustomed to occasional beach closures over the summer due to unsafe levels of bacteria in the water. Cornell University and a bio-technology device maker are working on a new and much faster way to test the water and get swimmers back in the lake. 

For Ruth Richardson, this is where she says her heart meets her science.

Onondaga County Parks

Many Onondaga County residents might think they’re doing good by throwing anything plastic with a recycle symbol in their blue bin for recycling.  After all, we have one of the best recycling rates in the nation.  But Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency spokesperson Kristen Lawton says over-eager recyclers might actually be doing harm to the recycling stream.

New York Environmental Groups Hopeful State Lawmakers Might Fully Implement Pollution Law

Mar 27, 2018

Environmental groups across New York are cautiously optimistic that a measure aimed at reducing diesel pollution will finally take effect in the upcoming budget after 12 years of delays. The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, or DERA, was first approved by state lawmakers in 2006, but has still yet to be fully implemented.  Conor Bambrick with Environmental Advocates of New York and several other groups recently thanked Senate Majority Coalition Leaders in hopes that they will go forward with the Act.  He hopes the praise is not premature.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Syracuse Common Councilors jumped aboard a larger national movement that would levy a carbon fee on fossil fuels and return that money to households. The Carbon Fee and Dividend climate change resolution, sponsored by councilor Joe Driscoll, would add a $15 fee to every ton of fossil fuel. He said that figure is based on the environmental costs of CO2 emitted by the fuel.

Scott Willis/WAER News

SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry biology students are researching this year’s most compelling breakthroughs in evolutionary research, such as: fossil finds, species endangerment, and chemical resistance. Environmental forest and biology professor Rebecca Rundell says that almost 200 students have made posters revolving around Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.