An upstate New York conservation group has purchased hundreds of acres of land that will protect some of the finger lakes from pollution … and ultimately protect drinking water.  The Nature Conservancy move, aided by a state matching grant, adds to work by the Finger lakes Land Trust to conserve areas that could have been farmed or developed – activities that contribute to harmful algal blooms the lakes have suffered. 

Local elected leaders from the state, city and town level are praising a decision to divest the New York State pension from companies that support the use of fossil fuels.  The landmark environmental announcement came from State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli Wednesday. 

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How can New York State’s climate change efforts progress during a global pandemic? 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory says one way is to have solar developments on the state’s farmland.

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Whether it's a Presidential debate, from the lips of a local reporter, or the national news, conversations about the future of our planet are constantly taking place. And no matter where you land on the politics surrounding climate change, there is no denying the need for education on the matter.

This week on The 315, Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss sit down with Meg Lowe, Sustainability Coordinator in the Energy Systems and Sustainability Management Department at Syracuse University.  The three of them chat about sustainability at Syracuse University, opportunities for education, and some upcoming events.

Remember New York's Plastic Bag Ban? Enforcement Begins Oct. 19

Sep 22, 2020
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Central New Yorkers who aren’t already in the habit of grabbing their reusable bags before heading into the store have about a month to get it right.  You may have heard that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation will start enforcing the state’s single use plastic bag ban on Oct. 19. Enforcement was originally supposed to start March 1, but a court case delayed that. Hanna Ring is CNY program coordinator for Citizens Campaign for the environment, she says COVID-19 was also a factor in the delay.

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To wrap up Earth Week, A Cornell University Climate expert shares some optimism and suggestions about New York State reaching its emissions goals.  Bob Howarth is on the task force for the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). 

Environment Groups Come Together for 50th Earth Day

Apr 22, 2020
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Many of New York’s largest environmental groups were not going to let the 50th anniversary of Earth Day pass without a celebration. Organizations ranging from the Adirondack Council to Sierra Club to Audubon Society and many more wanted to rejoice in progress the state has made.

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Many local groups would have traditionally used this week to raise awareness and inspire action about environmental causes, from climate change to clean water and air, to pollution.  Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, though attention to it is overshadowed by the corona virus pandemic. 

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A wide range of elected officials is pushing New York to invest more in renewable energy and green jobs.  The County, City and Town leaders agree the state is more progressive than many others.  But they want more help with local actions to effectively fight climate change.

Green Lakes State Park Expands

Mar 10, 2020
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Green Lakes State Park is expanding with the purchase of 160 acres of bordering land previously owned by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities.  The State is making the purchase and will include walking trails.  Right now, there are areas to bird watch and see the panoramic views of the hills and nature.