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The pharmaceutical company on Monday announced promising results from its COVID-19 vaccine trials on 5- to 11-year-olds, including dozens that participated in a local study.
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  • It's FCS week for Syracuse Football. Syracuse takes on Albany looking to rebound from its 17-7 loss to Rutgers last Saturday. Hosts Ben Shulman and Johnny Gadamowitz look forward to the matchup with the help of Great Danes offensive coordinator Joe Davis (15:37-27:23) and Hero Sports FCS Correspondent Dan Steenkamer (29:38-41:18).
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    The 2020 Census brought news to the city of Syracuse. The population is growing after decades of recorded decline. The prospect of more residents has impacts for a variety of places and organizations.
  • It's a battle as old as the states themselves: New York versus New Jersey. Syracuse hosts Rutgers this week with a chance to move to 2-0 on the season. Hosts Ben Shulman and Johnny Gadamowitz preview the matchup with Chris Iseman of USA Today Network-New Jersey (9:56-33:46).
  • Training camp is done, and the regular season opener is days away for the Syracuse football team. Hosts Ben Shulman and Johnny Gadamowitz take a peak inside training camp with Sports Illustrated's Mike McAllister.
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